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Will is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. In addition, Will holds the Aqua Hot Certified Technician, NRVIA Certified Inspector certification, Registered RV Service Technician, Texas Railroad Commission Certified LP RV service technician and is a Certified Auto Technician as well. Will offers Texas Best RV Inspections, LLC professional experience in RV Safety and much greater RV inspection coverage with enhanced professional capabilities for our potential clients. TBRVI is happy to partner with Semper Fi Mobile RV Repair Services.  A more complete Safety and Performance inspection greatly reduces the risk of of purchasing the unit of your dream and in addition, gives you the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained RV!



Hello Ya’ll, come on in to Texas Best RV Inspections and Semper Fi Mobile RV! Because you are on my website means you need that warm, fuzzy feeling that only a NRVIA Certified RV Inspector and Certified RV Technician such as our companies can offer you before you purchase, sell or finance that RV. Maybe your family just needs that camper checked out or repaired before you head out! Either way, we are here to serve your needs!

Texas Best RV Inspections and Semper Fi Mobile RV Repair proudly provides certified RV Inspections and Mobile Repair Services and based in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex and covering the State of Texas with the quality, advanced RV inspections and mobile repairs you may be searching for.

Response to Dealership Bad Mouthing of RV Inspection Services

Information has been brought to my attention from current and former clients that Texas Best RV Inspections has completed inspection services for is that local RV dealerships are making defamatory and false statements about us. Statements regarding our inspection services that caused RVs to remain unsold.

These false and misleading statements include:

  1. TBRVI’s reporting is too detailed and comprehensive. We provide videos, photos, and documentation with description to the exact issue with recommendations for resolution.
  2. We take too long to complete inspections (in fact, we have heard this statement for over five years and remain steadfast in our character and service to our clients in providing as much detail and information as possible).
  3. We utilize inspection tools that are unnecessary and create too many items to be resolved for the dealerships and manufacturers.
  4. We inspect items they do not inspect and/or service (suspension and axles) and the dealership refuse to address . They state: “It came from factory this way and were not touching it.”

A recent comment about RV Inspectors from a disappointed client’s sales manager ”RV Inspectors is a B.S. job where someone figures out a way to weasel money out of people, other inspectors we use inspect our RVs and they are out the door the same day, our dealership is going to ban Texas Best RV Inspections because they keep people from buying RVs” (a recent comment passed to us from a client based on the unprofessional demeanor displayed to him from a  large, local dealership sales manager once the buyer found that the dealership had actually done nothing to fix discrepancies observed on a brand new RV). My question to that salesperson is: if inspectors are a B.S. job, why does his company employ their own? Shouldn’t their master technicians as well as their PDI department be competent enough to resolve problems noted that were inexcusably or conveniently overlooked before a third-party inspector was employed by the buyer? I know, because the chosen inspectors will inspect the RV to dealer standards with no thought for the consumer. Trust, character, honesty, integrity and work ethics are the foundation of our business. Texas Best RV Inspections, LLC will continue our efforts to provide excellent Pre-Purchase RV inspections for our clients in spite of the colluded attempts of dealerships to defame and prejudice RV Inspectors as an efficient and cost-effective method of people getting the product they are paying for.


If a dealership/private seller requires you to place money down to hold your potential dream RV or refuses to let you get the RV inspected by an RV Inspector of your choice, your next step is to immediately walk out their front door, run to your vehicle and leave as quickly as possible.  Unless the dealership/private seller is hiding something, there is no sensible reason that dealership/private seller would not want the RV thoroughly inspected for your family’s safety. Do your research prior to placing your hard-earned money down! The Better Business Bureau is an excellent starting place!

Aqua Hot

Will is an Aqua Hot Certified Technician

TRRC Licensed LP RV

There is a good reason why it is required to have your sticks and bricks home inspected before purchasing! Why would you not want your large investment treated the same way?

One of the basic preparations you need to make before starting an RV trip is learning to care for your propane system safely.

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Certified RV Inspections and RVTAA Certified Mobile Repair in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Area: Texas Best RV Inspections and Semper Fi Mobile RV Repair.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) inspection and mobile repair companies located south of Fort Worth, TX, Texas Best RV Inspections and Semper Fi Mobile RV Repair provide professional, certified RV inspections and repair and upgrades for all make and models of recreational vehicles in and around North Texas.  Bill Posey is a certified RV inspector with the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) and Will is a certified NRIVA Inspector as well as an RVTAA Certified Technician. Inspections provided by Texas Best RV Inspections provide you the knowledge and peace of mind to make an informed purchase decision when shopping for your RV. TBRVI  will never repair simultaneously with a pre-purchase inspection. However, after the client has had ample time to digest the detailed and comprehensive report they will receive, Semper Fi Mobile RV Repair would be happy to provide a detailed estimate based on client wants and needs.

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