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Buyer-Seller Inspection Requirements


Folks, don’t get caught up in the old “BAIT & SWITCH” game when it comes to your RV purchase!

Texas Best RV Inspections bases its inspection on the VIN# of the RV you provided on the pre-inspection contract!


Inspection Requirements:

In order for Texas Best RV Inspections to ensure a quality RV inspection, you must ensure appropriate access(level area, space available to level vehicle, open slides, and access the roof) to the RV and provide full hook-up services which includes the items listed in the Buyer/Seller Inspection Requirements link at the top of the page. If facilities are not available for inspection, a $150.00 fee is required to be paid prior to inspection for a full functionality inspection.

I would never ask a client to not be present at an inspection if they wanted to be because you have a vested interest in the vehicle. However, the inspection process is very tedious, in-depth and normally takes around 5 hours or more to complete. With that in mind, minimizing interruptions will ensure and enhance the quality of the inspection you are expecting us to perform for you.

The owner of the inspection will be the only person that will receive a completed inspection report from Texas Best RV Inspections. Texas Best RV Inspections will not reveal results of an inspection verbally to any party. Additionally, we will not disclose any inspection findings, test results, or client information without the clients’ written approval (email and or text message is acceptable documentation). However, we may disclose observed hazards that will impact the occupant’s safety and well-being. The report will be delivered to the client via electronic mail as soon as possible after the inspection and be delivered in Adobe Acrobat (PDF format).

All NRVIA certified inspectors and technicians are bound by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, therefore inspection findings will not be construed as being a compliance inspection of any code, governmental regulation, or manufacturer’s installation instructions or procedures. Therefore, RV inspections performed by Texas Best RV Inspections are not an expressed, implied warranty or guarantee of adequacy, performance or useful life of any RV, any of its components or systems.

Please Note: We DO NOT perform Texas DMV Vehicle Inspections for vehicle registration requirements (http://twostepsonesticker.com/).  Also we do not perform RV inspections in inclement weather for safety reasons.


A “Blood Test” for your RV! You get one when you see your Doctor and for good reasons! He or she needs to assess your health condition for the long term. Why wouldn’t you want a health checkup for your big investment? Should you choose, Texas Best RV Inspections, we can accommodate you with a fluid analysis of your RV power components. These components include the engine oil (motorhome, tow vehicle, generator), transmission, engine and/or generator coolant if equipped and is tested on a fee basis of the client’s choosing and is tested for results at a certified lab in the USA.

  • 1 Fluid Analysis = $95 for the first sample and $85 per sample after based on client choice.

JG Lubricants for NRVIA

Barney Gerdts of JG Lubricants explains why every owner of a motorized RV should be having Oil/Fluid analysis performed on their rig.

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Texas Best RV Inspections pricing is based upon state and local market research variables, but normally, our inspections are valued between $250.00 and $1085.00 per inspection.

Because there are so many makes & models of RV’s available today, our final pricing will be determined during the contract communications process and agreement implementation.

Pricing considerations are listed below:

  • Make, Year & Model of the RV
  • Fluid samples client has chosen for Lab analysis
  • The inspection procedure takes on average 5 hours to complete
  • The inspection report will include quality photos that explains to the client the state of the RV at this exact date and time.
  • Technician services are not offered on the same day as an inspection occurs.


Texas Best RV Inspections, LLC travels the State of Texas and beyond for pre-purchase inspections and services. The milage rate is set at current market conditions and is currently $2.00 per mile to and from the inspection beginning in Burleson, Texas. In addition, tolls and per diem if required, shall be included in the total milage invoiced for the inspection.


  • The RV Inspection and Report are objective only and all report items that are noted are based upon the inspector’s visual inspection of those areas, components and systems that are readily accessible to determine at the time of inspection that they are performing their intended function without regard to life expectancy.
  • Replacement of defective items concerning the RV, or any of its accessories, components, or other contents that may have been present during the inspection is not the responsibility of Texas Best RV Inspections.


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