Bill and Will Posey– RV Inspectors/Repair Technicians based in Burleson and serving the State of Texas.

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I am a retired Texas Coal Miner, retired Texas Educator/Coach, and veteran of the United States Marine Corp. My wife Genell and I have been happily married for 50 years and counting! We enjoy each other, RV traveling, and helping people! Christ is the center of our lives and the inspiration for our purpose-filled adventures!

Texas Best RV Inspections, LLC, in order to serve and respond to our past and future client friends by providing more resources including vehicle and aircraft fluid sampling/analysis as well as non-major RV repair services.  When you contact TBRVI, most likely you will be speaking with my son Will Posey (817) 682-0618. He is an Aqua Hot Certified Technician, NRVIA Certified Inspector, Certified Automotive Technician, NRVIA Registered RVTAA Service Technician, and Owner of Semper Fi Mobile RV Repair. In addition, Will is also a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

TEXAS BEST RV INSPECTIONS, LLC evolved from a 9 volt battery! Yep, you got it, I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed, I should have caught it myself! But the unit was brand new, why should I have to check it all again? My wife and I had just sold a 1990 Prowler and just had a post-inspection walk-through, had all the boxes checked and signed off and we couldn’t wait to get it out and go enjoy our brand new RV!

Never a “CHIRP” was heard! Tragedy averted! Thanks to my curiosity and the training requirements of the NRVIA, I discovered that there had never been 9 volt batteries installed in my smoke detectors from the beginning. Yes, I am still embarrassed and ashamed however, I feel more blessed now than ever! My detectors had been inactive from the get-go! My whole family had been RVing with my wife and I for two whole years without me knowing they weren’t safe! No excuses, totally my fault, thank you Lord for taking care of us! Thus, my motivation for wanting to have more in-depth knowledge regarding Safe and Enjoyable RVing!

The question is?? How many more people out there totally trust the pre/post delivery inspection as I did? Never again!

Looking for an RV Inspector in Dallas Fort Worth, I can help you!

Bill & Will’s RV Inspector Certifications


RV Inspection / RV Maintenance Technician


NRVIA Advanced

Automotive Repair Technician

Registered RV Service Technician

RV Inspection / RV Maintenance Technician

TRRC Licensed LP RV


About RV Inspections

When most RV buyers begin their search for a new or used RV they have their own boxes to check off. Excitement, enthusiasm, the emotions of the hunt overshadow what you need verses what you want. Most people look at curtains, color schemes, amenities, floor plans, furniture, you get the picture. Unfortunately, many buyers won’t take the time to do a very detailed inspection of the unit.

Do you understand the dynamics of the RV? Electrical, Propane, Water Systems, RV Appliances, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Water Heaters, Life Safety Systems! Trust me – you need to have the RV inspected by a trained, certified RV inspector, no matter what the age of the RV you are interested in.

In addition, would you be able to determine the true value of an RV without thoroughly inspecting all elements of the unit? Neither was I.

PLEASE HAVE YOUR UNIT INSPECTED! No matter if you are a buyer, seller, a Financial Institution, Insurance or Warranty company, the best way to ensure your fun and enjoyment is with an INSPECTION!



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